What Clients are Saying

"I had a better understanding of the foods I was eating which allowed me to better my eating habits allowing me to get the successful results I was hoping for.

Nicole is an approachable person who was able to offer clear health knowledge non-judgmentally and effectively. I was tired of feeling unhealthy and overweight. I hated the way I looked and just exercising wasn’t proving the results I wanted. I wanted to learn more about food and how it has an effect on my body. She was available anytime I had questions and she made me understand that in my situation life changes were more realistic than fad diets. Nicole was very confident in the information she provided me throughout this process, which made me confident as well."


"I now know more about food and the conscious decisions I need to make every day to feel better in my body. These conscious decisions have become more habitual as time has gone on as well and I’m so thankful for the knowledge I’ve obtained through working with Nicole.

The reason I contacted Nicole was to gain more knowledge around becoming a vegetarian, what foods to add into my diet as I take out meats and also general questions to understand why certain foods sometimes have a negative effect on my body. I also started to realize patterns with the foods I eat and wanted to know more about how to be more mindful about my eating habits. I was very impressed by how easy it was to talk about my needs and how she never made me feel bad or weird about the things I was feeling or saying about my associations with food. At first, I didn’t feel too comfortable talking with someone so intimately about how I feel about diet and food and she made it very easy and asked many leading questions to open up the conversation and narrow down my main points."


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