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What Clients are Saying

"I never thought I would be here 9 months ago but everyone around me has noticed such a difference! I'm even doing exercise classes that I never would have had the confidence to go to before working with Nicole.

I had a horrible relationship with food and my body. I was coming off of a medical weight loss plan that was making me feel insane and I needed to try something different. Nicole is so compassionate and understanding while still being so great at challenging negative thoughts and ideas instilled by diet culture. All the meal tips and tricks she gave me were also great and helped make cooking fun for me again! Nicole pulled me from the verge of an eating disorder to now eating mindfully without shame or calorie counting. The stress and anxiety I always felt around food are gone and I love cooking again! I feel great and have gained so much more confidence."



"I am proud of my cholesterol change which is now in the 'healthy' range of values. I also am proud of the knowledge I've picked up about food and eating that I have used to create habits that allow me to treat my body and myself better. I have reduced a lot of the shame around eating.

I was looking for a dietitian because some routine bloodwork revealed that I had sky-high cholesterol. I wanted to pinpoint issues in my diet that contributed to it so I could bring it back down to a safer value. Nicole offers in-depth, judgment-free, and science-based strategies to help you learn more about yourself and your eating habits. She provides great feedback, all kinds of tools, and information to examine various facets of your life/diet/habits/body image and always has plenty of booklets and resources tailored to your particular food/health goals. Nicole is 100% judgment-free and does not expect you to set unrealistic goals. When there's a goal in mind with feasible milestones and less pressure to be perfect it makes everything seem more doable and achievable. After my sessions, I feel like I have a roadmap for both how to eat healthy but also how not to starve and punish myself for not always getting it right. I'm grateful not to have to spend so much time agonizing and trying to guess which things I should eat."


"Nicole is wonderful! Dietitians aren't just about creating a diet plan. Nicole helps you discover sustainable ways to enjoy your relationship with food.

I tried every fad diet to try and gain control of my excessive snacking and binging. Every time I lost weight after a diet I would yo-yo and have an even worse relationship with food and my body. I was fed up with dieting and just wanted to get a better handle on listening to my body and enjoying food. Nicole was so understanding and patient. I am so grateful to have someone who encourages and teaches me how to listen to my body.  My biggest milestone working with Nicole was understanding hunger and fullness cues. I have had negative experiences with tracking calories and Nicole never pushed me. We were able to discover what worked for me with meal planning and how to make healthy choices even when busy or stressed."



"I had a better understanding of the foods I was eating which allowed me to better my eating habits allowing me to get the successful results I was hoping for.

Nicole is an approachable person who was able to offer clear health knowledge non-judgmentally and effectively. I was tired of feeling unhealthy and overweight. I hated the way I looked and just exercising wasn’t proving the results I wanted. I wanted to learn more about food and how it has an effect on my body. She was available anytime I had questions and she made me understand that in my situation life changes were more realistic than fad diets. Nicole was very confident in the information she provided me throughout this process, which made me confident as well."


"I now know more about food and the conscious decisions I need to make every day to feel better in my body. These conscious decisions have become more habitual as time has gone on as well and I’m so thankful for the knowledge I’ve obtained through working with Nicole.

The reason I contacted Nicole was to gain more knowledge about becoming a vegetarian, what foods to add into my diet as I take out meats, and also general questions to understand why certain foods sometimes have a negative effect on my body. I also started to realize patterns with the foods I eat and wanted to know more about how to be more mindful of my eating habits. I was very impressed by how easy it was to talk about my needs and how she never made me feel bad or weird about the things I was feeling or saying about my associations with food. At first, I didn’t feel too comfortable talking with someone so intimately about how I feel about diet and food and she made it very easy and asked many leading questions to open up the conversation and narrow down my main points."


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