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Is this you?

Meticulously counting calories. Restricting yourself from your favorite foods. Bingeing later on. Restarting your diet the following week. Trying a new diet after the last one didn't go as planned. Forcing yourself to maintain a workout routine you loathe. Feeling anxious and uneasy around food. Obsessive thoughts about food. Feeling shameful about your food choices. Unhappy with the person looking back at you in the mirror. 

If so, I hear you and understand how that feels. Thankfully, life doesn't have to be this way. 

Nicole Merryman Nutrition offers an alternative approach to dieting. With non-diet nutrition therapy, you can achieve a healthy relationship with food and your body for long-term wellness and happiness. If you want to ditch the diet mentality and finally feel at peace with food, then you are in the right place. 


General health and wellness

Disordered eating patterns such as:

Crash dieting

Yo-yo dieting

Cycles of restriction and binge eating

Extremely rigid dietary patterns

A general preoccupation or obsession with food that interferes with daily life

Frequent weight fluctuations

Guilt, shame or stress associated with eating

Eating disorder recovery

Chronic health conditions (diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease)

Plant-based nutrition

How it Works

Free 30-Minute Discovery Session


Start out by booking a free, 30-minute video session using the button below. This provides a chance for us to introduce ourselves and figure out if working together is the best fit for you. I will share what you can expect from our sessions together and you can ask any questions you may have before you book an initial appointment.

60-Minute Initial Session


Before our first session together, I will ask you to fill out a comprehensive nutrition history form for my review, so I can gain a better understanding of your background, current challenges and goals. Our initial session will be a chance for me to get to know you better and work with you to develop a plan for moving forward, so you can gain traction on meeting your nutrition and wellness goals.

30-Minute Follow-up Sessions

There are a few different options for follow-up sessions. You can either book them on an individual basis or purchase one of the session packages I offer. Session packages offer a few additional services that would benefit those seeking long-term support. Each follow-up is 30 minutes long. The nature of follow-up appointments are based on each client's unique needs. Educational handouts, resources and tools will be provided along the way to assist you in reaching your goals.

Signature Program Option:

3-Month "Eating and Living Well" Program

A comprehensive program that will give you the time, tools and support you need to reach your nutrition and wellness goals.


One Initial assessment

 Five Follow-up sessions

Unlimited, secure instant messaging access during the program

Weekly journal check-ins

Exercises and educational handouts

Here are just some of the results you can create from working together:

Ditching the food rules associated with restrictive diets

Learning to listen to your body's signals

Gaining more trust in yourself around food

Celebrating the joys food adds to our lives

Finding a balanced way of eating, for both nourishment and enjoyment

Improving energy levels

Increasing awareness of your natural hunger and fullness cues

Reaching a stable weight that is healthy for you

Building a healthy lifestyle that is unique to your needs and preferences

Incorporating joyful movement into your routine

Adopting sustainable, healthy habits that can be practiced throughout your life

Feeling free in your food choices

No longer being fearful of going out to eat

Fearlessly adding delicious foods back into your diet

Finding additional ways to cope with stress or boredom that don't involve food

Reducing any guilt or shame around eating

Feeling empowered to make healthy choices that are backed by evidence

More enjoyment associated with eating

Less fear or embarrassment about eating in front of others

Less preoccupation or obsession about food and more energy to spend on enjoying life!

I would be honored to work with you! Book your free, 30-minute discovery session now using the button below.


I provide all consultations virtually. Sessions are carried out through an online electronic health record (EHR) system with video chat. The EHR used in my practice is HIPAA compliant, so you can count on your information and our discussions being secure and confidential. I am based in California, so please note that due to licensing requirements, you must live in the state of California to book an appointment. 


You must be 18 years or older and live in the state of California to book an appointment. 


Currently, I accept Aetna, American Specialty Health and Medicare. Please verify your health insurance coverage before booking your first appointment.

Phone: 707-583-1277

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