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Are you feeling exhausted and defeated after trying different dieting methods? Do you feel like the food police is watching you and that you must be careful not to break any “rules” they enforced on you? Have you felt deprived of your favorite foods because of dieting? Well, you aren’t alone and it’s not your fault. Diet culture has crept into the lives of many and has made nutrition seem more confusing and complicated than it needs to be.

The good news is, there are more enjoyable and realistic ways to reach your goals and live a healthy lifestyle. I understand the stress, guilt and shame that can be associated with dieting and feeling like you aren’t living up to the expectations of diet culture. I can help you break free from diet culture and all the negativity and destructive behaviors associated with it.

At Nicole Merryman Nutrition, I help adults who feel frustrated with restrictive dieting methods by teaching them simple, mindful and sustainable practices that can help them achieve their health and wellness goals while celebrating food. My goal is to help you see food and nutrition as a source of joy rather than discouragement. I am here to help you develop the healthy lifestyle that you love to live and works best for you!

Meet Nicole 


Welcome to my site! I'm a registered dietitian based in California. In my practice, I help clients achieve their nutrition goals while emphasizing the importance of using mindful strategies and having a healthy relationship with food. I am here to help you implement the best practices in order to live a happy and healthy life. 

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If you live in California, you can work with me from the comfort of your own home or office! I provide virtual consulting, that way you can save time and travel costs. Click on this tab to learn more.